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In the ever-shifting sands of the fashion industry, brands come and go, but their legacies often remain, imprinting themselves onto the very fabric of the industry. When Mochila announced its acquisition of the Three Floor Fashion brand, it wasn’t just a business decision; it was a harmonious blend of two brands that, in many ways, were destined to come together.

Three Floor Fashion, with its establishment in 2011, became synonymous with cutting-edge, London-chic fashion. A brand that catered to the ‘closet chameleons’, it seamlessly transitioned between feminine elegance and audacious styles. Their pieces weren’t just clothes; they were statements. Under Yvonne Hoang’s dynamic leadership, the brand became a global sensation, adorning celebrities and fashion-forward individuals alike.

However, as with many tales in the fashion industry, Three Floor Fashion eventually had to close its doors. But every ending is a new beginning. Their legacy, their commitment to excellence, and their innovative spirit needed a new home. Enter Mochila.

Mochila, with its vibrant Wayuu Crossbody bags, has been more than just a brand; it’s been a movement. These bags, handcrafted by Wayuu indigenous artisans using ancient crochet techniques, are more than just accessories; they are stories woven into fabric, tales of heritage, and echoes of a culture. They represent the heart of Australia’s indigenous artistry, resonating with the same ethos of craftsmanship and uniqueness that Three Floor Fashion championed.

So, what makes this alignment of Mochila and Three Floor Fashion so poetic?

At the heart of both brands lies a commitment to authenticity. While Three Floor Fashion brought contemporary London designs with unexpected detailing, Mochila’s bags are a canvas of cultural narratives. Both brands prioritize individual expression. Whether it’s the diverse designs of Three Floor or the unique, vibrant patterns of Mochila’s bags, there’s a shared understanding that fashion is deeply personal.

The acquisition isn’t just about Mochila taking over a domain; it’s about preserving the spirit of Three Floor Fashion and offering it a new lease on life. By redirecting to, Mochila isn’t just integrating a domain but intertwining two brand stories. It’s a nod to the legacy of Three Floor Fashion while promising its loyalists a fresh, yet familiar experience.

In a world where fast fashion often overlooks the nuances of individuality, this union underscores the importance of brands that truly understand their consumers. Mochila’s decision to bring Three Floor Fashion under its umbrella is a testament to its vision – a world where fashion is not just about wearing a brand but living its story.

For those who cherished the eclectic designs of Three Floor Fashion, Mochila offers a new avenue to continue their fashion journey. And for Mochila enthusiasts, this acquisition brings a touch of London’s contemporary flair, fusing it with Australia’s rich cultural tapestry.

In essence, this collaboration is a celebration of what fashion truly stands for – evolution, expression, and eternal stories.

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