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In a significant move marking their ongoing expansion, renowned Australian retailer has announced the acquisition of, a prominent online knitwear brand. This latest development unites two market leaders, strengthening’s diverse portfolio of artisan-crafted products and presenting a new chapter for has always been appreciated for its superior quality knitwear, a reputation earned through its commitment to style, quality, and ethically sourced materials. The brand’s core values align seamlessly with those of, making it a perfect addition to the Australian retailer’s product range.

We are always striving to connect with our customers in innovative ways and to broaden our offerings,” says the CEO of “With the acquisition of, we are excited to incorporate their exceptional products into our portfolio, ensuring we continue the brand’s legacy and reach a wider global audience.

Existing customers can rest assured that the quality and design aesthetics they have grown to love will remain unchanged under’s stewardship. The Australian company will assume responsibility for all ongoing customer relations, including warranties and customer service, ensuring a smooth transition and continued high standards.

From today, all’s online traffic will be redirected to, providing a convenient way for loyal customers to find and purchase their favorite products under the new management. This merger will facilitate easy access to the quality artisan-crafted goods offered by both brands.

This acquisition represents a major step in’s growth strategy, embodying its commitment to delivering diverse, high-quality, and artisan-crafted products to its global customers. The integration of will further cement’s position as a leading retailer, offering a seamless blend of style, quality, and ethical sourcing. This expansion looks set to mark an exciting era for both and, and their dedicated customer bases.

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