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Enjoy extra savings on 100% authentic Wayuu mochilas, sourced directly from Colombia's finest artisans.
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Carry a piece of culture everywhere you go

If you're longing for a taste of vibrant culture, a piece of ethical fashion, or a way to empower marginalized communities — our Mochila Wayuu bags are for you!

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A true cultural masterpiece

These beautiful Mochila bags are artisanally crafted using techniques passed down the generations.

They are made with premium Colombian cotton and are of the highest quality, incorporating eye-catching traditional motifs of the Wayuu people of Colombia

From the people

From the people

Ever since I got my Mochila bag, it's been a conversation starter everywhere I go. The craftsmanship and story behind it is just as beautiful as its vibrant colors. Truly a gem!
— Sophie

Size Comparison

H: 30cm, W: 25cm, Strap: 100-110cm
H: 22cm, W: 17cm, Strap: 100-110cm
H: 16cm, W: 15cm, Strap: 100-110cm

Crossbody/Shoulder Bags

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H: 30cm, W: 25cm, Strap: 58cm
H: 22cm, W: 17cm, Strap: 45cm
H: 16cm, W: 15cm, Strap: 41cm

Tote Mochila Bags

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H: 47cm, W: 33cm, Strap: 67 cm

Beach Mochila Bags

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H: 15cm, W: 25cm, Strap: 150cm


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Handmade bags are unique, so dimensions may vary by -/+ 1-5cm. Height is measured from top to bottom and width from one side of the strap to the other. After use the strap will get longer by 3-6cm.

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