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Discover the enchanting array of Small Crossbody Bags Mochilas in our collection, each meticulously handwoven by skilled Colombian artisans. ... These large, spacious bags seamlessly combine timeless traditional crafting techniques with contemporary design aesthetics, presenting a stylish statement piece imbued with rich history and flair. Every Crossbody bag Mochila in our collection is a testament to vibrant colors and expressive cultural narratives, each meticulously interwoven into the fabric of the bag, bringing life and style to your wardrobe. Dive into the diverse and colorful world of our Crossbody bag Mochila, where each piece tells a unique story of Colombian heritage and craftsmanship. Whether you're looking for a practical companion for your everyday adventures or a standout accessory to elevate your style, our Crossbody bag Mochila collection offers a wide range of options to suit your individual needs and tastes. Browse through our selection and find the perfect Crossbody bag Mochila that resonates with your sense of style and adds a touch of Colombian spirit to your ensemble.

Size Comparison

H: 30cm, W: 25cm, Strap: 100-110cm
H: 22cm, W: 17cm, Strap: 100-110cm
H: 16cm, W: 15cm, Strap: 100-110cm

Crossbody/Shoulder Bags

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H: 30cm, W: 25cm, Strap: 58cm
H: 22cm, W: 17cm, Strap: 45cm
H: 16cm, W: 15cm, Strap: 41cm

Tote Mochila Bags

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H: 47cm, W: 33cm, Strap: 67 cm

Beach Mochila Bags

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H: 15cm, W: 25cm, Strap: 150cm


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Handmade bags are unique, so dimensions may vary by -/+ 1-5cm. Height is measured from top to bottom and width from one side of the strap to the other. After use the strap will get longer by 3-6cm.

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